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Highly targeted retail advertising for SA’s most engaged shoppers.

Guzzle Media offers digital catalogue solutions for major retailers. Most consumers research products online, before going in-store to purchase. This concept is well known and Google has termed it ROPO, “Research Online, Purchase Offline”.

To make sure that your promotion receives as many eyeballs as possible, we place your catalogue on Guzzle and Caxton's Local News Network.

Using Geo Targeting, we show your customer the address of your nearest branch from his present location, so that he can go in-store to purchase the latest promotional items. We are also leaders in digital catalogue software technology, which can be used on your website. Our catalogue software inspires action and delivers results, with a rich interactive experience that engages consumers.


By bringing the shopping cart into your catalogue, conversion rates should improve by at least 30%. Deepen your engagement with shoppers, drive purchase. Based on the average page views per visit, or APV, Guzzle is in the top 10 websites in South Africa, with an average browser looking at 11.65 pages per visit. The AVD average user duration is 20.35 minutes.

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Our dedicated retail team will work with you to create and execute a digital solution that will inspire action and deliver results.

Software Solutions
Hosted Catalogue

This includes the use of the Guzzle catalogue engine on your retail website. It is a highly adapted solution and allows (i) browsing of catalogue pages (ii) clickable products integrated with product URLs on retail website (iii) store locator. Detailed reporting is included with each catalogue cycle. An excellent way to increase customer engagement and close the promotional loop.

Take a look at our Software powering the HiFi Corp Catalogue. Try and click on some products!

Marketing Solutions
Intelligent Catalogue

This includes the hosting of digital catalogues for access from any web-enabled device. This allows consumers to view your catalogues 24/7/365. Included during catalogue capture is text-based “meta” data that creates an intelligent and interactive catalogue. This allows consumers to search for products across catalogues. Intelligent Catalogue enables you to deepen your engagement with shoppers, basically we bring the shopping cart into your catalogue, by embedding a BUY NOW link, mapped to the product listing page on your website.

Dynamic Advertising

Guzzle Media is a certified Google Partner , we know the web. Let our experts create targeted search ads (e.g. on AdWords or Bing) for every single product listed in your catalogue. Driving highly targeted traffic onto your Intelligent catalogue increases sales. Drive purchase at the exact point where your customers’ engagement becomes an impulse to buy – without compromising your brand experience. No creatives required!

eCommerce Integration

For eCommerce enabled retailers, we map all products captured on Guzzle to the product on the retailer website. This allows visitors viewing products on Guzzle to be directed to the products on the retailer website for purchase.

The hosted catalogue (see "software solutions" above) also benefits from this service.


Detailed reports are generated for every catalogue cycle. Page and product statistics from a variety of channels (your website, the Guzzle website, paid ads) are collated to provide a unified view on ROI through all platforms. What sets us aside in our reporting is our cutting edge visual overlay report which shows an annotated catalogue, intuitively developed for marketing managers.

Aside from our standard offering, we welcome bespoke reporting requirements.

Email Marketing

Guzzle allows users to easily subscribe to email notifications.

- Retailer alerts allows users to receive notifications for selected retailers.
- Category alerts allow users to receive notifications

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