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Incredible Connection | Latest Catalogues and Specials

Incredible Connection is part of the Connection Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd and is a subsidiary of JDG Trading (Pty) Ltd. Incredible Connection focus on bringing technology to life for their customers. They are a specialist retailer who offer the public a wide range of international technology brands that make life a lot easier in home or business environments.

Innovative and exclusive products, coupled with technical expertise and excellent customer value make Incredible Connection one of the major players in the retail technology space. Their mission is to distribute a wide range of technology solutions and related products to suit customers’ technological needs.

Incredible Connection stores have created a destination “designer” computer retail store, where their great products are complemented by exceptional service and support. Due to this, they have fondly dubbed the tagline, Incredible Connection, where technology and humanity meet.

Incredible Connection products

Among other offerings, Incredible Connection offer the following products to their customers.

Tablets and Convertibles: A wide variety of tablets and convertibles, including Apple Ipads, Samsung tablets, Dell, Galaxy Notebooks and much more.

Personal Computers: Incredible Connection offer a wide range of computers for home or office use, this includes personal computers, Low, Mid or Hi Performance notebooks as well as a range of laptops from leading brands.

Cellular: A wide range of cellular deals are available for Apple Iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and much more.

Games and gaming: Incredible connection are quite simply, a gamers dream store. They offer a wide range of games as well as gaming hardware for XBox, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo, PC and much more.

Software: A wide variety of software is available at Incredible Connection. This includes software for accounting, kids, business, a variety of picture editing software, MS Office, operating system software and much more.

Incredible Connection Specials: Watch out for a range of specials at Incredible Connection. Specials and deals are offered throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled for these!

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